Tuition fee for Graduate Bachelor studies at the College of academic studies “Dositej” is 1200€. Tuition fee can be paid in installments and if a student pays the whole amount immediately there is a discount of 10% and in this case the tuition fee is 1080€.

Tuition fee for the second child (of the same parents) who attends our college is decreased by 50% and is 600€, while the third child can enroll and attend the college for free.

Tuition fee for the Master academic studies is 1800€ if you pay in monthly installments, while paying the full amount upon enrollment gives you a discount of 10%, that is the tuition fee is 1620€.

If you enroll the College after a three-year academic or vocational school or college the tuition fee for the fourth year is 1500€.

The tuition fee includes the literature essential for passing the exams, all expenses for exam application, certification of semesters, courses and seminars that are organized within the College, the use of libraries and all other administrative expenses (issuance of certificates of passed exams, certificates of graduation, etc.).

Top high school students who choose to continue their academic education at the College of academic studies “Dositej” are awarded by the free first year of schooling. If they continue with the exceptional success at “Dositej” they will be exempted from paying tuition fees for each subsequent year of study.

The aforementioned amounts of money are paid to the account of the College of academic studies “Dositej” No. 330 – 0000004016766-04 using the dinar equivalent at the middle exchange rate of National Bank of Serbia on the payment date.

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