The study program of Master academic studies at the College of academic studies “Dositej” lasts one year (two semesters).

The Master study program of the “General Economics” enables students to acquire new upgrading techniques regarding the knowledge obtained in the graduate Bachelor’s studies, which helps them innovate, create, analyse and research the contemporary practical achievements within the economics, finance and management field.

Master academic studies after which students acquire the title Master in Economics enable them to acquire and demonstrate knowledge and to understand the theoretical and practical matters in the field of management and marketing, e-business and information technology and finance, banking and stock management.

Curricula and programs of the master studies at “Dositej” are designed to help students to think in a business way, to be tested and encouraged to promptly identify opportunities and threats in the business environment and respect the business ethics and social responsibility of modern corporations at the same time.

We truly believe that through well designed curricula, with distinguished professors and modern teaching methods as well as laboratory equipment, we will become a recognizable leader in the education of competent personnel for the modern dynamic economy and society.

In addition to that, the study program trains students for scientific research and innovative work that provides them with the opportunity to continue to specialist and doctoral studies.

The study program is designed in a contemporary way to educate modern Masters in Economists – experts in modelling and analysis of complex economic systems, primarily analysts and company planners, financial experts, planners and experts for economic policy at the level of individual industries and the whole economy, experts in international trade, international finance and the public service economists.

Upon completion of Master academic studies students are enabled:

– To build an academic career in one of the scientific-educational or scientific institution or to perform highly specialized managerial tasks in the private and public sectors;
– To perform in-depth critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation processes of the economic science content
– To apply the techniques and methodologies and customize process research in the field of economic science
– To independently design and carry out research in the field of economic science;
– To promote excellence at academic and professional level in the field of economic science in the context of sustainable development of economy and society.
– To evaluate the results of research in the field of economic science.

The structure of the study program at Master academic studies in “General economics” consists of compulsory and elective scientific-professional and professional-applicative subjects and final thesis.

Students do the final thesis during the second semester of the Master academic studies while being monitored by professors. After oral defence of their thesis students obtain the title Master in economics (60 ECTS).