The study program of Graduate Bachelor studies of "General Economics" at the College of academic studies “Dositej” lasts four years (eight semesters).

The main purpose of the study program is to educate students in the field of economics at the Graduate Bachelor studies level that provide the acquisition of adequate competences in the field of economic analysis and policy, monetary policy and analysis, public finance, banking, financial institutions, tax and customs, electronic commerce and information technologies, etc.

Through practical teaching and professional practice, seminars, practical work and courses, the program enables students to master and apply the latest theoretical and methodological knowledge in the real business situations and specific professional activities.

The contemporary concept of this study program offers the possibility to future economic experts to competently participate in modeling and analysis of complex elements of the economic system and its components – economic policy, both at the level of the national economy, and at the level of individual industries, such as the analytical and planning activities in companies, banks, insurance companies, public services, and in the field of international economic relations etc.

Study program aims to prepare students for the further education and also to enable them for complex economic practice that is in accordance with the worldwide recognized standards.

Module “General Economics” provides education in the field of monetary system and monetary policy, banking operations, organization and functioning of the financial markets, stock exchange operations, insurance and activities of institutional investors. In this context, students are trained to build analytical and creative approach to work in commodity and financial markets, banks and other financial institutions, brokerage and dealer companies, investment funds, public administration, tax administration.

By attending the study program, students acquire knowledge and skills in the fields of economy, finance, entrepreneurship and management that help them to contribute individually or in a team when solving practical problems in the field of economics, as well as to provide an adequate basis for further studies.

The aim of this study program is in accordance with the mission, goals and tasks of this college, regarding the process of acquiring new knowledge and practical solutions for economy and society.

Teaching methods depend on the type of teaching:

1. Active teaching,
2. Independent students’ work,
3. Colloquia,
4. Exams,
5. Research,
6. Students’ thesis, etc.

Active teaching is realized through lectures, exercises, consultations, mentoring. This type of teaching is achieved through constant communication among teachers, students and associates.

The study program consists of compulsory and elective courses.

During the first and the second year there are nine compulsory subjects. In the third year of this study program, there are nine subjects, five of them are mandatory and students choose four optional subjects out of eight offered courses. In the fourth year there are eight subjects, five are compulsory and three of them are elective and students choose from the six offered courses. After passing all exams a students prepare their final thesis.

Upon completion of the graduate bachelor studies of "General Economics" a student acquires the title of “Bachelor with Honours in Economics”, (240 ECTS), as well as the requirement to continue studies at the master academic studies both here and abroad, and to gain the title of “Master in Economists”.