Student practice is an obligatory part of the studies at the College of academic studies “Dositej”. In order to provide opportunities for our students to apply theoretical knowledge acquired in lectures and exercises, we have established cooperation with leading companies, institutions and organizations in which our students have the opportunity to gain their first work experience.

If they are already employed, students can perform a mandatory internship in their work organizations, and the employer will issue a certificate of practice that they should submit to our college.

The College of academic studies “Dositej” constantly works on the expansion and modernization of the program and the professional practice realization.

In this way the study program aligns with the real business needs and requirements of companies in the modern business trends. On the other hand, employers, bearing in mind the motivation, knowledge and skills of practitioners, have the opportunity to keep a valuable employee who is capable and ready to apply the theoretical knowledge in the real business environment.

Bearing in mind the fact that most higher education institutions that use the traditional way of learning are falling behind the real business trends today, the College of academic studies “Dositej” emphasizes the education of future economic experts who have not only the knowledge but also the skills necessary for integration into modern economic courses and progression in their career.

Thus conceived and designed program that synchronizes the theory and practice provides an opportunity for students of the College “Dositej” to get affirmation and successfully plan their career development.

The objectives of student practice are: the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills necessary for a first job, getting to know potential employers with the skills, knowledge and abilities of future graduates of the College “Dositej”, guest lecturers and successful business people from partner companies and institutions.