The Student Parliament was founded within the College of academic studies “Dositej” as a very important part of the faculty. This is a student organization that actively participates in the work of the college, and whose members are the students themselves. It is a special form of student engagement aimed at implementation of their activities, which in the best way and from their point of view represents the college where they acquire their academic knowledge.

This is a place where students can initiate many questions that are important to them, where they can be actively involved in the organization of the college, where they can use their suggestions and ideas to influence the quality of the studies and to organize their student days as to their highest fit. Members of the Student Parliament are elected by the students themselves and thus they create the student life and struggle for the realization of their goals and ideas through their own representatives.

Student Parliament organizes many activities and educational projects (initiated by guest lectures, topics of round tables and panel discussions, conferences, creative workshops), entertainment projects (student trips, sporting activities) and humanitarian actions as well as actions for the protection of the environment.

We truly believe that a successful faculty includes the successful students, which can prove themselves, not only in the field of learning and good teaching results, but also in sports competitions, through entertainment, cultural and humanitarian events, socializing with colleagues at college and with those from other universities.

Thanks to the cooperation of the student parliament of the College of academic studies “Dositej”, with various organizations and institutions, students are able to use student internships and volunteer work to get acquainted with the real business environment and to be a part of it in order to prepare for their future independent and successful career.