The candidates who have completed Graduate Bachelor studies (240 ECTS) have the right to enroll the Master Academic Studies of the College “Dositej”, the studies last for one year. (60 ECTS).

In addition to that, the right to enroll the master academic studies has everyone who has completed the university studies according to the old laws (for at least four years) or anyone who has completed university education, or who has a recognized equivalent university education which corresponds to a minimum of 240 ECTS credits (determined by the new Law on higher education). Those candidates must provide a confirmation of the faculty which they attended.

Knowledge, aptitude and ability of the candidates will be determined through the average grades while studying at the previous level. The results will be verified and publicly presented in the context of the “Dositej” enrollment policy.

Required documents for application and registration of the candidates are:

– The application form for registration
– Diploma or certificate of completion of academic studies (240 ECTS)
– Birth certificate
– Certificate of Citizenship
– 2 photos

After completing the one-year master study in “General economics” our students gain the title – Master in Economics (60 ECTS).