All students who have completed four-year high school education and passed the entrance exam have the right to enroll in the first year of Graduate Bachelor studies of “General economics” at the College “Dositej”.

The entrance examination consists of two parts – an Economy test and an Informatics test. All information related to the preparation of the entrance exams can be found in the Annual Information Booklet of the College "Dositej".

Candidates shall be ranked on the basis of:

– The success from high school (maximum 40 points)
– The results of the entrance exam (maximum 60 points).

The ranking list is made based on these criteria and according to the total number of points that each candidate has won individually. Each candidate can win a maximum of 100 points.

Required documents for application and registration of the candidates are:

– Application form,
– Certificates for all four years of high school (original)
– Diploma of secondary education (original)
– A copy of the birth certificate (not older than 6 months) and
– Certificate of Citizenship
– 2 photos

After completion of the Graduate Bachelor studies (4 years), students acquire the title – Bachelor with Honours in Economics (240 ECTS).