The College “Dositej” is in a process of founding its Alumni club in order to keep friendship between students themselves as well as between students and professors. The club will contact and gather students who had graduated from our College. Bearing in mind that our Bachelors with Honors and Masters are the most representative ambassadors of our College in our country (and other countries as well) we will provide them with a permanent relationship with our institution and their former colleagues. To become a member of the Alumni club, one needs to graduate or do a Master within the institution and then fill the entrance form.

Exceptionally, other citizens can also become members of the Alumni club, whether they are friends or teachers at our school.

The basic aims of the Alumni association within the College “Dositej” are the following:

– The establishment and maintenance of permanent connections between the College “Dositej” and its students after finishing their studies.

– Linking all former students of our school in the Alumni Association to build their mutual cooperation and information exchange in professional and scientific disciplines.

– Help and assistance in solving business problems and dilemmas of the members.

– Taking part in international and scientific conferences, symposia and seminars organized by the College.

– Modernization of the College “Dositej” as an educational and research institution in terms of gaining adequate information that by members of the Alumni Association.

– Establishing cooperation between the College and companies and organizations in which members are engaged with.

– Transfer of knowledge and experience to current students, to motivate them, and to train and support graduates to successfully start their careers.

– Networking with potential employers

– Establishing connections with other regional and worldwide Alumni Associations

– Improving the reputation of the College “Dositej”