College “Dositej” is a newly established educational institution with its headquarters in Belgrade. We are located in the centre of Belgrade, at Nikola Pasic Square no. 7.

The College of academic studies is the best ranked institution which is identical to Faculty, but the very term „Faculty“ may be obtained only when the institution is a member of a University. The College “Dositej” is an independent higher education institution founded by the High School “Dositej” that exists in Belgrade for more than 7 years. The College “Dositej” includes undergraduate academic and master studies in the scientific field of social sciences within the field of general economics.

College “Dositej” has a working license, and the curriculum of undergraduate and master academic studies is accredited by the Commission for Accreditation and Quality with No. 612-00- 01288/2015-06.

The main task and goal of the College “Dositej” is the education of Bachelor with Honours in Economics (240 ECTS) and Master in Economics (60 ECTS), who are enabled to implement their theoretical and practical knowledge and are ready to make success in their business processes within institutions and organizations.

We are completely aware of the responsibility of the new economic experts formation and from the very beginning we set high standards. Our priority and mission is the quality of education based on the well-conceived plans and working programs.

Our students are going to obtain a wide range of academic knowledge and professional skills in the field of general economy in lectures, exercises and various innovative forms of interactive teaching. The aim is that the acquired knowledge is practically applicable in an effective and productive way.

Our students are privileged by being taught by competent teaching staff composed of renowned professors, as well as a large number of visiting lecturers.

Students have access to modern classrooms equipped with all necessary technical aids, e-learning room, well-equipped library, etc.

All courses are one semester long, exams are taken partially through tests and other means of assessment. Application of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), i.e. scoring system, enables our students to transfer to other institutions of higher education anywhere in Europe, as well as the transfer of foreign students to our school.

With the idea to create a better perspective for all of us, through quality education, our mission and vision which we follow, we want to welcome everyone to the College “Dositej” in Belgrade.